5 Days

Seminar to prepare for the official EC-Council training exam for obtaining CHFI® certification

EC-Council Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI®)

Course description

This training prepares for the EC-Council Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI®) exam in an accelerated but rigorous way. Computer Forensics is the application of computer-based investigation and analysis techniques to discover and preserve potential legal evidence. Participants will learn how to detect attacks, identify traces and gather the necessary evidence so that they can be brought to justice. Using a multitude of practical exercises, they will acquire a technical knowledge of the main computer investigation tools concerning the different software, equipment and specialized media.

Training lets you use a variety of methods to discover hidden or encrypted data and restore deleted or damaged information. Numerical evidence can be used to thwart a large number of computer crimes, including breaches of data security, piracy, theft of trade secrets, intellectual property theft, internal threats and fraud. Faced with a growing need to protect against cybercrime, the CHFI training offers organizations a major asset to solve and prevent many conflicts and crimes.


Montreal, Quebec, Virtual Classroom





  • Anyone wishing to obtain the CHFI® certification and to improve their knowledge of the technical and legal analysis
  • Member of an information security team
  • Responsible for incident management
  • Expert Consultant in Information Technology
  • Computer Forensics Consultant


  • It is strongly recommended that you have completed the CEH course before taking the CHFI course
  • Information security and knowledge of TCP / IP protocols
  • Basic knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems


  • Acquire the knowledge necessary for the successful completion of the CHFI® exam
  • Master the knowledge, concepts and laws surrounding the computer survey
  • Improve understanding of types of computer crimes
  • Identify recognized best practices for completing the review, acquisition and preservation of electronic evidence
  • Master the use of software and survey techniques such as EnCase, Access Data FTK and steganography
  • Provide an overall view of the strategies and processes to be followed in a computer survey


  • The cost of the certification exam is INCLUDED with the training. The exam is planned by the student at the date of his choice
  • The CHFI® certification is based on a multiple-choice questionnaire of 150 questions concerning the entire course
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • The CHFI® exam is available in English only. It is necessary to have a good command of this language in order to pass the exam
  • A certificate is issued to participants who pass the exam


  • CHFI® training manuals and tools are provided to each student
  • A certificate of participation of 35 UEC / CPE (Continuing Education Education Units) is issued to participants



  • Module 1 Computer survey in today’s world
  • Module 2 Computer Investigation Processes
  • Module 3 Computer search and seizure
  • Module 4 Digital proof
  • Module 5 First Responder Procedure


  • Module 6 Computer Investigation Laboratory
  • Module 7 File systems and hard disks
  • Module 8 Computer Survey in Windows
  • Module 9 Data Acquisition and Replication
  • Module 10 Data Acquisition and Replication


  • Module 11 Computer survey using AccessData FTK
  • Module 12 Computer survey using EnCase
  • Module 13 Steganography and computer survey in image files
  • Module 14 Cracking passwords


  • Module 15 Cracking passwords
  • Module 16 Computer Surveys on networks, logs, and network traffic
  • Module 17 Wireless Attack Investigation
  • Module 18 Investigation of Internet Attacks


  • Module 19 E-mail tracing and crime investigation
  • Module 20 Cell Phone Computer Surveys
  • Module 21 Investigation Reports
  • Module 22 Become an expert witness