Information Security Awareness

Information Security Awareness

Since 2003, kereon has provided expertise focused on your real-life information security challenges. Whether it is a training adapted to your organization, your desire to be a certified professional, the concrete evaluation of your technological needs or the search for advanced technical resources, our mission is simple: to make your experience at kéréon a moment of quality or the accuracy of the intervention exceeds your expectations



Online, private and adapted or public eoncore, they are offered by experienced trainers and experienced in their area of ​​expertise. Improve your knowledge, get your promotion, help your organization move to the next step!


Definition of your needs, architecture, configuration of your technical audit equipment; let us help you, we are experts in the matter! Get a trained and experienced workforce to meet your short and long-term needs. Our staff is expert in diagnostics, configurations and security solutions at the cutting edge of technology. We are the reference in RSA / EMC products and solutions in Quebec.


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