Procedure and best practices

3 Days


During investigations and audits, computer evidence must be extracted and produced in accordance with rigid rules and practices whose mission is to preserve the authenticity and admissibility of such evidence in a judicial or administrative process.


  • Professional member of a computer security team
  • Member of a team supporting the Human Resources and Litigation Department
  • Person responsible for monitoring the use of the Internet at work
  • Professional in administration or law
  • Internal Audit, Controller, Ombudsman, Ethics Officer
  • Member of a body of investigation or inspection
  • Person wanting to become familiar with survey informatics




  • Understand the legal requirements for computer searches in the workplace
  • Perform the preparatory phases for the execution of a computer search
  • Plan the IT aspects of a query, audit, inspection
  • Examine the contents of a computer or media to ensure the admissibility of evidence in a judicial or administrative proceeding
  • Extract and access the collected evidence
  • Secure the evidence during the search
  • Prepare and execute disclosure of evidence during judicial or administrative proceedings


  • The participant must be connected to high speed Internet
  • A training manual containing information and practical examples is provided to each participant
  • A certificate of participation of 21 UEC / CPE (continuing education / Continuing Professional Education Units) is issued to the participants


Day 1

Technical and legal aspects

  • Introduction and legal aspects of the electronic search
  • Technical aspects
  • Overview of a computer search operation
  • Computer search software
  • Business license


Day 2

Emergence, preparation and execution of a search

  • Operational and laboratory kits
  • Emergence of a case
  • Before the excavation of the site
  • Site Review and Planning
  • Media review and picking
  • Departure from the premises and arrival at the laboratory


Day 3

Media review and conclusion of the investigation

  • Search and examination software
  • Post harvest procedures
  • Recovery and formatting
  • Documentary digitization
  • Extensive investigation
  • Electronic court
  • Closing the case
  • Practical and theoretical examinations


Training schedule to be confirmed upon registration