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The technology industry is facing a crisis because of the high levels of stress and exhaustion that workers are experiencing.

Burnout is often caused by long term job stressors. This can lead to physical or emotional exhaustion, feeling detached from your job, and a lack of purpose in what you do.

A sector in great demand and individuals on the verge of burn out.

Numbers that don't lie.

According to a study of more than 36,200 IT professionals across 33 counties, two in every five workers are at high risk for burnout. Longer hours, more demanding workloads, and work-life balance issues all contribute to the risk of burnout.

Forty-two percent of employees who suffer from severe burnout plan to leave their organization in the next six months.

The study's authors found that the technology sector is experiencing a burnout crisis. This has negative consequences for employees and workers, including loss of interest and engagement with their jobs. Other negative consequences include high staff turnover, absenteeism, and damage to the company's reputation. All of the items listed above make businesses more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Overall, one in four IT workers want to leave their job within six months because of the stress it causes. This stress is from working long hours and not having enough time for themselves outside of work.

What to do?

Around the world, laws and regulations are being strengthened in order to make responding and reporting to cyber breaches more complex than ever before. At the same time, the (added) pressures on all employees, particularly IT security professionals, cannot continue at the present rate. Organizations need to change the way they think in order to handle the increasing technical and operational burdens. This implies that in the coming months and years, many organizations' structural, cultural, and organizational transformations will be essential. Not doing this properly will mean that organizations will not have the attitudes, resources, or processes necessary to survive.


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