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Our mission

We want organizations no matter their size to have the ability to protect themselves against any kind of cyberattack, leveraging technology or people.

A small Quebec-based company

Kereon has long been committed to computer security for businesses no matter their size. Based in Laval since 2003, our people travel the world to train your people, and to build their awareness on adopting safe cyber practices and behaviors. With the help of our partners (RSA Security, LUCY, and our sister company Awee), Kereon offers right-sized solutions to counter cyber risks that could harm your organization's security.

We're proud to be a close-knit, cross-generational team. We strive to stay on top of the latest cybersecurity technologies and trends to ensure our clients get the best protection they can. Our expertise and know-how work together to find the most effective ways to ensure that you, your business, and your people are protected from cyber threats!

A team

We're dedicated to securing organizations of any size against cyber threats no matter the type.


With a great team along with our trusted partners, we can meet our customers' cyber needs in the best possible way.


Sharing, cooperating, and trust are key pillars to the success of any project, and that's the very core of Kereon Inc.

Patrick Chouinard

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President of Kereon Inc. and Awee Inc.

Patrick brings 28 years of experience in the areas of cybersecurity, training and security risk management.

Patrick Chouinard

Secure your organization

We can help you pinpoint your IT security vulnerabilities and find the protection that's right for you

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