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Want to know more about Bill 25?

Bill 25 is the new law on the protection of personal information of Quebec residents. It will most likely impact your organization.

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Cyber Risk Management

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Nearly half of all cyberattacks target small businesses

What are your cyber risks?

Cyber risk is a top concern for businesses today. Threats are widespread, and companies both large and small lose vast amounts of money by not addressing them.


So what is cyber risk? Pretty much anything that could result in your business losing money, suffering disruption, or even having its reputation damaged is a cyber risk.


Not sure what your cyber risks are or how to manage them? We're here to help.


With the Archer platform, we can analyze and measure your cyber risks, helping you make better decisions for managing your organization's security.

Cyber risk

Assessing Cyber Risk

Setting up a Risk Register

Present cyber risks to the Board of Directors

Understanding cyber risk involves assessing an event's business impact and frequency. Widely recognized methods to fully understand the level for each risk are applied.

Identifying your risks is the first step. Your risk register helps ensure awareness by executive management about your cyber risks and enables better oversight of any corrective actions to take.

To make good decisions, the Board of Directors must be able to have an overview of the major risks and the impacts on the organization. Custom reports make it easy and concise to provide information.

Verifying and Validating Vulnerabilities

All organizations have vulnerabilities. Conducting a vulnerability audit and validation helps identify potential problems and develop action plans.

Reducing Cyber Risk insurance Costs

A number of insurers out there can provide coverage for your cyber risks. You can lower your premiums by implementing a number of safeguards and proving to your insurer that controls are in place.

Respecting standards and best practices

Standards and best practices have helped reduce cyber risk for over 20 years. From ISO, to NIST, to Cybersecurity Canada, to PCI DSS, several organizations and authorities offer control frameworks that can be applied quickly.


Is your organization vulnerable?

Pen testing
Every 11 seconds a company falls victim of a ransomware in the world

Through simulated attack, LUCY provides a way to assess your organization's vulnerability posture and implement solutions that are right for you.

Attack Simulations
Attacks successful

Cybersecurity tests:

  • Employee Phishing

  • Infrastructure testing

  • Malware

  • Password tests

  • Firewall resilience

  • Vulnerability testing


Get your free phishing test.

*organizations with more than 100 employees


Looking to improve your people's awareness about cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity awareness is crucial in today's connected world. People are constantly interacting with technology but don't always have the right cyber skills to keep themselves safe from attackers.


Awee, our sister company, focuses on shaping human behavior through increasing cybersecurity awareness. It also engages individuals in the process so that they can learn more effectively. Awee products are also interactive, gamified, and feature ways to reward people (Awee app) so that they retain best practices when it comes to information security.

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Awee app

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Awee Modules

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