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Cyber journey

Cybersecurity for managers and infra IT resources

1 or 2 half days
Virtual / On-site / In organization

Cybersecurity training for administrators and IT infrastructure resources will allow participants to learn more about several topics related to information security such as information properties, risk management, cryptography, information protection, access control techniques and application security. It will provide the basics of cybersecurity for participants who work with information assets on a daily basis and allow them to more easily identify the main risks facing these information assets.



Understand the methods of protecting information as well as the issues faced with internal and external threats.

Learn how to react in the event of a cyberattack in several specific situations

Helping the Organization Better Protect Against Cyber Threats 

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Content of

Course modules

Module 0 – Introduction and lesson plan.

Module 1 – Security and risk management. 

Module 2 – Cryptography.  

Module 3 – Communications and network security. 

Module 4 – Identity and Access Management.  

Module 5 – Software Security. 

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This training is intended for your managers and your infra IT resources

  • Possibility of doing the training over 1 day

$450 / person

  • Possibility of doing the training over 2 half-days

$500 / person

*Training in organization with a minimum of 8 participants (15 people maximum recommended)

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