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Certified Ethical Hacker

5 days
Virtual / On-site/ in organization

This training allows you to prepare for the  EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH®) exam with a fast-paced, but rigorous approach. Participants will learn how to assess, test, and penetrate their own systems. They will also gain an in-depth understanding of security systems through a range of hands-on exercices. Learners will begin by exploring perimeter defense, moving onto ways of attacking to assess the security of their own networks while causing no actual damage.

The course breaks down the various steps involved in an intrusion, from recognition to privilege escalation, as well as recognizing the steps to take to make the environments secure. Topics covered include intrusion detection, procedure creation, social engineering, DDos attacks, buffer overflow and virus creation. Once learners have completed the five-day course, they will have mastered all aspects of ethical hacking. 

The training is given in French.



Improve the understanding of the types of attacks according to the environments.

Obtain a global vision of the security risks linked to the systems and master the counter-attack methods.

Master thousands of hacking tools, cheats and techniques.


What you will learn

Simulate cyber attacks. 

Analyze malware.

Study recent cases of cyberattacks.

Benefit from dedicated modules to the cloud and to IoT, integrating the CSP container technologies (like Docker, Kubernetes), cloud computing threats and various IoT hacking tools, like Shikra, Bus Pirate, etc.


- Become an Ethical Hacker -



Certified Ethical Hacker by EC-Council (CEH)






MCQ 125


Certificate of participation of 35 UEC/CPE (continuing education units/Continuing Professional Education) 

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Additional Information 

Manuals and a CEH® hardware access key are provided in English to each student.

The cost of the exam certification is INCLUDED with training.

The exam is scheduled by the student on the date of his choice

Training in French

$3,850 + tax

Training in French with the cost of the English exam included

Training in French with the cost of the English exam included

Motif bleu

Training cost


What job is CEH in demand for globally?

  • IT Security Administrator

  • Cybersecurity consultant

  • Network Security Engineer

  • cybersecurity auditor

  • Cyber Security Analyst

  • Information Security Manager

  • Vulnerability Assessment Analyst                                                 ...


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