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Certified Information Systems Security Professional

5 days
Virtual / On-site/ In organization

CISSP® training focuses on passing the exam in an accelerated, yet rigorous way, while using real-world examples of business use. CISSP® was the first certification in place in the field of information security and it is recognized by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) as well as by ISO (International Standards Organization) standard 17024. CISSP® certification is not only a measure of excellence in information security, but it is also recognized as a guarantee of success.

The CISSP® accreditation demonstrates competence in 8 specific areas of (ISC)2® information security and confirms the sum of all your years of experience in the field.

CISSP® certification is held by professionals who develop standards, processes and manage corporate implementations. The major point of the certification is to confirm that a candidate is not only specialized in a specific field, but rather that he has mastered the full spectrum of qualifications (ISC)2® while being required to follow regularly updated in order to maintain its certification.

The training is given in French.


Know the cybersecurity standards and processes in an organization.

To securenetworks, software and all the information of an organization.

Master the 8 specific areas of information security.


What you will learn

Learn the basics of cybersecurity.

To secure networks, software and all the information of an organization.

Study how information security works in an organization in order to understand the standards and the process

Thanks to this training well known in the world of cybersecurity, you will be able to start a cybersecurity job with solid foundations in information security.


- Become an essential -



Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)






MCQ 100-150 in English or

MCQ 250 in the language of your choice

ENGLISH or Language of your choice

(French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese)

Certificate of participation of 35 UEC/CPE (continuing education units/Continuing Professional Education) 

Personne analysant les données
Informations +

Additional Information 

Manuals and a CHFI® hardware access key are provided in English to each student.

The cost of the exam certification is NOT INCLUDED with training.

The exam is scheduled by the student on the date of his choice.

Training in French.

$3,350 + tax*

French training

exam cost NOT included.

*excluding travel and related costs

Fond abstrait élégant

Training cost


For what job is CISSP a well-known training?

  • Cybersecurity Director/Manager

  • Security Auditor

  • Network Architect

  • Cybersecurity Consultant

  • Cyber Security Analyst

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)                                          ...


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