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Certified Incident Handler

3 days
Virtual / On-site / In organization

Certified Incident Handler - is a training course from EC-Council, which was designed and developed in collaboration with cybersecurity and incident handling and response practitioners from around the world. It is a comprehensive specialist level program that imparts the knowledge and skills organizations need to effectively manage the consequences of a data breach or system penetration, reducing the impact of the incident, both financially and reputationally.

The training is given in French.



Know how to detect and manage incidents as a whole.

Manage and respond to all types of cyberattacks while collecting evidence.

Improve the speed of reaction and minimize the consequences of cyberattacks on your organization.


What you will learn

To manage and of answerat different types of cybersecurity incidents in a systematic way.

Make sure that the organization is able to identify, of contain and of recover after an attack.

To be able to writing effective security policies and watch that the quality of services is maintained at agreed levels.

Learn the best ways to manage and respond to cyberattacks through numerous laboratory exercises, in order to be able to restore the normal functioning of the organization as soon as possible and mitigate the negative impact on business activities.


- Become a computer warrior -



Certified Incident Handler by EC-Council (CIH)






MCQ 100


Certificate of participation of 35 UEC/CPE (continuing education units/Continuing Professional Education) 

Travail d'équipe dans la salle des systèmes
Informations +

Additional Information 

Manuals and a CIH® hardware access key are provided in English to each student.

The cost of the exam certification is Not included with training.

The exam is scheduled by the student on the date of his choice.

Training in French.

$2,250 + tax*

Training in French with cost of the English exam NOT included.

Exam cost: $400

*excluding travel and related costs

Fond abstrait ondulé

Training cost


For which job is CIH a popular training?

  • Computer crime investigator.

    Cybersecurity consultant.

  • Computer forensic analyst.

  • Cryto-analyst.

  • Digital crime specialist.

  • Intelligence Technology Analyst.

  • Malware specialist.                                                                         ...


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